We attract the best talent because we do all we can to keep our employees safe, healthy and engaged. Our Drive to Zero initiative reflects our ultimate goal to achieve zero injuries worldwide. We are proud of our safety and health performance progress and have one of the lowest injury rates when compared to global chemical manufacturing organizations.

As we focus on attracting and retaining top talent around the world, we also seek to enrich our workforce with employees from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to promoting safe work conditions and professional development opportunities for our employees, along with competitive compensation and benefits. We also acknowledge the importance of our company values, vision and sustainability program to our employees, and we aim to demonstrate our commitments and enhance our performance to help us remain a competitive employer.​​

In addition, safe and healthy working conditions are a fundamental human right and maintaining strong occupational safety and health programs at our facilities is central to our culture. We are committed to industry leadership and excellence in safety, health and environmental (SH&E) performance which is underscored by our executive-endorsed SH&E Policy. Our goal is to be among the top 10% of our industry peers for safety performance. With this top-level management commitment and support, we strive to conduct our business in a manner that minimizes negative impacts on our employees, contractors, the public and the communities in which we operate. As such, all our employees and contractors receive safety training and all our facilities are required to have a safety program that meets all applicable health and safety laws as well as Cabot standards, which often exceed local regulations. We are continually working to reduce the number of incidents that occur by emphasizing key life safety standards such as self-assessment, lock out tag out, fall protection and confined space entry. 

​​Keeping employees safe and well is at the core of all our activities. It is our ultimate goal that all employees return home each day the way they arrived to work; this goal is underscored by our Drive to Zero program which guides our belief that all accidents are preventable. While our goal is to achieve zero safety incidents, we also want to be prepared to respond to events if they do happen.​