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Date Title
4/17/2018 Cabot Corporation Expands Specialty Compounds Business Globally
4/13/2018 Cabot Corporation to Increase Prices for Rubber Carbon Black Products in North America
4/11/2018 Cabot Norit Activated Carbon Selected by the NYSDEC in the Town of Hoosick, New York for Use in Point of Entry Water Treatment System
3/27/2018 Cabot Corporation Celebrates 30 Years of Success and Development in China
3/26/2018 Cabot Corporation Receives Responsible Care RC14001® Certification in Tianjin, China
2/14/2018 Cabot Corporation to Host 2018 Investor Day
2/5/2018 Cabot Corporation Announces Appointment of Chief Technology Officer
1/29/2018 Cabot Corporation to Webcast Annual Meeting of Shareholders
1/19/2018 Cabot Corporation Announces Board of Directors Changes
10/31/2017 Cabot Corporation to Acquire Tech Blend
10/24/2017 Cabot Corporation Named to CR Magazine’s 2017 Most Responsible Companies for the Materials Sector
10/23/2017 Cabot Corporation to Present at the Baird 2017 Global Industrial Conference
10/10/2017 Cabot Corporation to Reduce Activated Carbon Manufacturing Capacity in Marshall, Texas
9/29/2017 Cabot Corporation and Dow Celebrate Groundbreaking of New Manufacturing Plant
9/25/2017 Cabot Norit Activated Carbon Solutions Remove Toxic Substances from Potable Water
9/14/2017 Cabot Corporation Opens Asia Technology Center in Shanghai
9/11/2017 Cabot Corporation Elects New Member to the Board of Directors
9/1/2017 Cabot Corporation Increases Prices for Specialty Compounds Globally
8/24/2017 Cabot Corporation Increases Prices for Fumed Metal Oxides Globally
7/28/2017 Cabot Corporation to Present at the Jefferies 2017 Industrials Conference
7/11/2017 Cabot Corporation Shares Sustainability Progress with Release of 2016 Sustainability Report
7/3/2017 Cabot Norit Activated Carbon to Chair Biogas Purification Panel and Showcase Activated Carbon Solutions at UK AD & Biogas and World Biogas Expo 2017
6/7/2017 Cabot Corporation Breaks Ground on New Fumed Silica Facility in China
5/29/2017 Cabot Corporation Increases Prices for Specialty Carbons Globally
5/25/2017 Cabot Corporation Announces Plans to Build New Fumed Silica Plant in Carrollton, KY
5/12/2017 Cabot Corporation to Increase Prices in EMEA for Rubber Carbon Black Products
5/10/2017 Cabot Corporation Expands NORIT® E 153 Activated Carbon Colorants Portfolio for Food and Cosmetics Applications
5/1/2017 Cabot Corporation to Increase Prices for Activated Carbon Globally
4/12/2017 Cabot Corporation Increases Prices Globally for Fine Cesium Chemicals
3/1/2017 Cabot Corporation to Increase Investment in Elastomer Composites

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